Bromo Tourist Information-Mount Bromo is one of the most popular mountains in eastern Java. by having a very beautiful natural attractions. besides beautiful natural scenery like bromo crater, bromo teletubbies hill and hill love bromo you can also see bromo rising day eyes which become one of the best sunrise in the world. not strange if bromo be the first foreign tourist destination to visit Indonesia.
Mount bromo has a height of 2329 masl. become a cool mountain for climbers.

to bromo there are 4 routes, we advise you to take route Pasuruan because pasuruan have advantages closer to Surabaya.

The Pasuruan Route-Tosari Route

Pasuruan route has the advantage to be closer to Surabaya. From Pasuruan on the main north coast road between Surabaya and Probolinggo, turn the 45km south road to Tosari via Pasrepan. You can drive it in a regular car or you can take a bus from Surabaya terminal and stop at terminal Pasuruan. his journey took 3 hours

*WARNING! “do not let you miss the terminal of Pasuruan because it will go further to bromo and harming you. if the note is missed from Pasuruan terminal then you will proceed to probolinggo
After that you can ride motorcycles(OJEK) to tosari or you better rent a car because it will be a tiring journey when you ride a motorcycle taxi (OJEK). From Tosari to Bromo a really good trip, three hours 14 km, so you need to start early if you want sunrise. Or you should be able to rent 4×4 or jeep or hardtop with driver for that trip. There is accommodation in Tosari and Wonokitri.

Probolinggo Route-Cemoro lawang Route

route is almost the same as the route pasuruan but if you from Surabaya will be further. the path to get there is almost the same as the path of Pasuruan only when you pass through probolinggo you have to blister 4 hours and after that you still have to ride again from the bus terminal probolinggo to bromo by taking 1 hour. from probolinggo terminal to bromo you can ride OJEK or rent a car. and stop at Cemoro Lawang. to enjoy bromo you can ride 4×4 or jeep or hardtop.

The Malang – Tumpang route

This route approaches from the south east and is seldom used due to the lack of facilities. Certainly the most off-the-beaten-path way to approach the park. Take a microbus from Arjosari bus station in Malang to Tumpang and then a 4×4 vehicle or a heavy truck from Tumpang to Ngadas. There are no facilities to speak of at Ngadas but you will find informal accommodation in family homes in the village. At Ranupani up on the top there is very simple homestay accommodation avaiable – ask at the park office there. The route from Ngadas on to the caldera is interesting because it transverses the Sea of Sand and directly passes Mount Bromo. A dirt road leads across the flat bottom of the caldera, up to Jemplang on the southern rim and on to Ranupani where you should check in at the park office. You have to take a 4×4 vehicle (unless you prefer to walk).

It is also possible to rent a motorbike and do the journey on your own. See the “Do” section in the Malang article.

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